5 Great Tips to Style Your Home For Sale

Presentation is key when it comes to achieving the best price for your home as first impressions matter and will influence whether a buyer will seriously consider moving forward with an offer or not. Styling your home is a savvy strategy to employ to ensure your property is presented well and all its features are highlighted at the open for inspections.

Here are 5 great ways to style your home to attract the best sale price:

  1. Declutter
    It cannot be stressed enough that homebuyers place a high premium on space and decluttering is a great way to create the illusion of spaciousness. A messy home will not impress so ensure you go through your belongings in preparation, throwing out items which are no longer utilised, clearing space in the cupboards and tidying what’s left. Consider going so far as to remove knick knacks, family photos, piles of magazines and anything which will help create a minimalistic space.
  2. Highlight Critical Areas
    Focus your efforts on the main rooms and those which are going to draw the most attention such as the kitchen, living areas, bedrooms and bathroom. These rooms are the ones which buyers will pore over when deciding which homes they’ll make the effort to inspect. The kitchen is of particular interest so ensure the counters are clean, everything is cleared away save for a few ‘props’ which could include a bowl of green apples, a stylish coffee machine (if you own one) or a modern cookbook.
  3. Create Space
    As previously mentioned space is a premium commodity so it’s important to create it and a clever way to do this is to choose items of furniture which not only fit the room, but give it the appearance of being bigger than it is. Choose pieces which are in proportion to each room and suit its size. Furthermore, each room should have a particular focal point whether that’s a piece of artwork, a couch or textured cushions.
  4. Paint
    If your walls are an odd colour which might not be to everyone’s taste, consider neutralising the space with a couple of coats of a neutral, matte paint. This will open the room up as lighter walls create the illusion of space but it will also appeal to more buyers. It also gives you the opportunity to create the focal points we spoke of earlier with coloured artwork or decorative cushions which will ‘pop’ on a neutral backdrop.
  5. Think Green!
    Make a trip to the market for a couple of bunches of freshly cut flowers or a couple of smaller pot plants. Flashes of green adds a warmth and freshness to any space and helps bring the outdoors indoors. It’s these type of touches which help to add a lovely freshness to the air as well as offer a cozy welcoming vibe.

None of these touches need to be overly extravagant in terms of price or effort but each of these elements will invite buyers to consider your property as their future home, creating an emotional connection which will positively affect the sale price achieved.