The Perfect Time to Sell Is…

We hear it all the time – When is the best time to sell? Every agent will tell you now, now, now, and if not now, then Spring. Spring is the perfect time as the weather is better, more homes are on the market and the garden looks fantastic, blah blah blah. What a load of crap!!

Timing is essential in any decision, and everyone’s personal situation is different. Whether it be a change of scenery, location, death in the family, downsizing or up sizing - times like these are critical on moving onto your next stage in life. Selling a property doesn’t come around that often. It may come as a surprise to some, however facts will show the average person experiences selling a property only 1.5 times in their lifetime.

In conclusion, when is the perfect time to sell? When you’re comfortable and ready. You don’t want to be rushing life changing decisions like this, especially without having a plan of what you need and want in your next stage in life. Be comfortable, be ready and be content when selling your home.


Written By Anthony Molinaro