The Effect of First Impressions

You have most likely heard of the saying “You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression.” If you haven’t, take note as it certainly rings true. We live in a society where people are judged, this is a fact. Now, more than ever, most people have looked, studied and had an impression of you within the first sixty seconds, some even before you speak!

In the real estate game this can be the slim difference from selling a home or not. Presentation of a property throughout any campaign is paramount to its end result. Assuming a property is rented from the way the front garden is maintained is a classic example. That house has had an assumption to what it may look like throughout even before stepping inside. Can it outweigh a decision to put in an offer on the property? Among many other factors, what I can say, it will definitely play some part.

This doesn’t only ring true to properties but also to real estate agents. Whether it be in property management or sales, looking smart and well-presented along with a smile and greeting can be the difference from a good experience to a distant memory. No doubt people will have mixed opinions and shouldn’t care about what others think (I too agree to some extent) however, if you put yourself in an industry and society where judgement is played, ensure you’re ahead of the game. Think about your last good experience in real estate – I’m sure you will remember how it started!

Written By Anthony Molinaro