Social Media and Its Importance in Real Estate

In an ever changing world, technology is fast becoming the forefront of every business. Real Estate in certain aspects is leading the charge and change. Interaction with the consumer is now as simple as a click of a button. Major real estate portals interact from photos, to engaging videos and, more recently, 3D tours. These are all effective and work extremely well, however, social media is and has been the biggest marketing monster available to real estate agents and, more importantly, vendors.

A number of avenues including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have changed the way properties are now being exposed. Not only are they now added on another platform, they are more importantly exposed to a larger audience. And although these take time to maintain, the best news of all is that majority of the time they are free!

With any good thing there is always a downside and there is no hiding the fact that social media has had its own share of backlash. With social media easily accessible by the general public, it is imperative to be aware of what you put out on the public forum. Not only because it can harm your image but more so once it’s online it will become near impossible for it to be removed. My recommendation would be for Real Estate agents to embrace social media and utilise this amazing tool however do so with caution. You never know where it will lead you.

Written By Anthony Molinaro