Get People to Like You Before Discussing Business

My sales manager once told me, for people to do business with you they need to like you. It took me a while to digest exactly what he was saying and more so, fully understand his concept. There are numerous ways to interpret this, however personally I like to keep it simple. This analogy is not rocket science yet rings very true, not only in the real estate platform but in everyday life. The human interaction and feeling from someone will always outweigh the financial decision. In real estate no vendor would happily hand over their keys, trust and property over to anyone they don’t like. That particular person may be the highest profile agent in the area and get the best results, but if the seller doesn’t like them, they won’t want to do business with them.

Building rapport is crucial in any sort of business. These days it’s very rare for potential vendors to commit to one person/agent without assessing and doing their own research. This can be anything from seeing recent sales, getting other agents in, attending auctions, speaking to friends and family members, etc. All this is part of the process of decision making, however making people feel better and getting them to like you, will be something that is ever lasting. No one happily does business with companies, people or teams they don’t feel comfortable with. Be the person they like and at the very least this will put you in pole position – the rest is up to you!

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Written By Anthony Molinaro