About Me

Michael in 3 Words: Humble, Generous and Attentive

Michael’s Role 

Michael Szitarity has a genuine passion for the real estate market and has always enjoyed sharing the success of his clients and team. Michael’s personal success has originated from his professionalism, commitment and strong work ethic, which has earned him the respect of countless vendors, buyers and fellow agents throughout his illustrious career.

Michael humbly attributes much of his success to the Stockdale & Leggo brand, which has become synonymous with quality service and, in his own view, it is the Stockdale & Leggo community who set the standards for the rest of the industry to aspire to. Michael believes it is the extensive office network of Stockdale & Leggo alongside the brand’s marketing expertise, which helps put his clients in the box seat, assuring them of a great result every time.

What He Brings 

As is demonstrated by his loyalty to his team and community, Michael is also very generous and is often found having conversations with many from his local community about the market trends, the industry in general and the value of their property. Michael is willing to go above and beyond for his clients to ensure that, as a team, the best possible result is achieved for their property.

When away from work, Michael enjoys spending time raising Alpacas on his farm in Maryborough, bike riding, swimming and keeping fit.