About Me

Peter in 3 words: Passionate, innovative, progressive

Peter’s Role

Commencing his career at the tender age of 20, Peter Thomas clearly saw the potential of the real estate industry and was the driver behind the first Stockdale & Leggo franchised office in 1981, quickly transforming it into the company’s top performing agency. Recognising the enormous potential of franchising and becoming the first person within the state to franchise a real estate network, Peter purchased the then seven-office company in its entirety from the major shareholder, Russell Leggo, in 1986 with a clear vision to build it into the largest and best franchised real estate brand in Victoria.

Through Peter’s passion and leadership, he has since achieved his mission, growing the company from its original seven offices into a 70 strong agency network. His innovative, progressive ideas and industry foresight continue to fuel his visions for the future. "While we do enjoy growing bigger, we focus equally on growing better."

What He Brings

As all true leaders, Peter warrants much of his success to the talent and capability of his dynamic and highly enthusiastic team at Corporate Office who support the brand's franchisees passionately. The team's eyes are firmly fixed on maintaining and advancing the company's position at the forefront of the industry through sophisticated marketing strategies, industry-leading professional development programs, and advanced internal communications and support systems. 

"A united support team is essential to our franchisees. When we get down to the basics, our greatest thrill is to see people grow and succeed. By facilitating people's success through helping them identify and maximise their own personal and business strengths, we too succeed."

Peter is a family man with seven children and is an avid supporter of the Carlton Football Club.