About Me

Natasha in 3 words: Dedicated, helpful, team player

Natasha’s Role:

Energetic and driven, Natasha manages the Corporate office, ensuring both her team, as well as the wider Stockdale & Leggo group is supported and looked after. Natasha’s extensive background in customer service, as well as her friendly, approachable nature, sets a precedent for the high level of service provided by the office. As part of her role, Natasha organises training for staff across the entire network, designed to upskill and maintain Stockdale & Leggo’s position as the industry leader in staff training and support.

Natasha works diligently to maintain the smooth running of the Corporate office, undertaking a myriad of tasks ranging from answering the phones to supporting the team with meetings and appointments. There is no task too big for Natasha, who has been known to make the seemingly impossible happen.

What She Brings

Hailing from an extensive background in customer service and administration, Natasha brings a disciplined, systems-oriented approach to all that she does, ensuring clear, open lines of communication are maintained between Stockdale & Leggo and key stakeholders. Operating with the utmost integrity, Natasha is a crucial member of the team at Stockdale & Leggo Corporate. Natasha’s honesty and passion have established her as a reliable, enthusiastic member of the team who can be trusted to act with the best interests of her team and the business.

When Natasha is not at work, she is either in, or dreaming of being in Bali with her much adored family, including her two gorgeous sons.