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John Falcone - Profile

John Falcone Director

There is no larger figure in the St.Albans Real Estate scene than John Falcone.

After arriving in Australia in 1963 with his family, John has dedicated his career, and for that matter an enormous percentage of his life to the St.Albans and Sunshine area.

An iconic figure within the area -just try and walk down the street with John and everybody from shopkeepers, to the general public invariably stop John to have a chat.

John dedicated himself to success and graduated in Accountancy and is a CPA Public Accountant. In 1983 he completed his Real Estate Agents License at RMIT.

But his career in Real Estate started a lot earlier than that. John commenced as an office boy with the very first Real Estate Agency in St. Albans - John E Stevens.

By 1977, only two years into his career as a salesperson, John was promoted to Office Manager; an impressive progression indeed.

In 1983 John purchased the business, John E Stevens; the office where he started as an office boy 8 years earlier.

John is the longest serving Real Estate Agent in St.Albans.

Married to Lucie for 28 years, their son David has already proven that the Falcone name will remain synonymous with Real Estate for decades to come. Following John's footsteps into the business David was one of the youngest people to ever obtain his Full Real Estate License. David is now actively involved in the Sunshine office as Manager.

In 1994 John made a significant change and joined the Stockdale & Leggo Group. John anticipated the need to become a member of a large Real Estate Group that could offer more assistance to buyers and sellers alike. Stockdale & Leggo was a trusted name in Real Estate, just like John himself and the business has been part of Victoria's largest franchise group ever since.

Expansions of office to Sunshine have kept John a very busy man on top of his accounting practise that he still is actively involved in.

But it is the day to day dealing with people that John still loves the most.

He has seen his home of St. Albans change over time and become a melting pot of cultures, yet John is still as popular with the St. Albans and Sunshine greater community of today as he was in St. Albans landscape of 1975, when it all started for John. Those days John still remembers fondly as if it were yesterday.

Many committees, many times a helping hand over many many years - that is how the the community know John Falcone.

Still as passionate today about the area and his career John's infectious personality and obliging manner have contributed to his longevity in the demanding field of Real Estate.

When it is Real Estate matters in St. Albans it is John Falcone and Stockdale & Leggo that provide the answers.