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Stockdale and Leggo is a large progressive Real Estate Group established in 1936. With over 90 offices throughout Australia we are specialists in the management of residential, commercial and industrial property.

Our professional management approach and expertise ensures that you can be assured that your property is in good hands.

Our professional management approach includes:

Regular Inspections; We will ensure that your property is inspected in accordance with legislative constraints and a detailed report is provided following each inspection. We welcome our landlords to participate in the inspection.

Regular Rent Reviews; to ensure you gain maximum return on your investment the rent will be reviewed regularly by your property manager to ensure it is in line with market trends.

Reliable Accounting; our offices use state of the art computer software applications which ensure they perform all accounting matters relating to your property efficiently.

Direct Credit Option; to ensure prompt disbursement of your rental proceeds our offices will transfer funds direct into your nominated financial institution account

Level of Communication to meet your requirements; you have the option of selecting from either regular and thorough communication on all matters or you may choose to be only contacted when your property manager requires your approval on a matter in which he/she can not act on your behalf.

Rental Arrears; to minimise any possible loss to you, our Property Managers follow a strict process to recover late or unpaid rent. All steps taken are in accordance with the requirements of the relevant legislation and you are kept informed throughout each step.

Keeping your property in good repair; we give prompt attention to all repairs and maintenance matters and our tradespeople are assessed on their qualifications and insurances before being appointed to carry out any work.

Marketing your property to the world
www.stockdaleleggo.com.au is visited by more than 7,500 people daily, ensuring more potential tenants know about your property. My Personal Agent is a service available to tenants on our website searching for the right property; potential tenants enter their property requirements and then receive emails of properties meeting their criteria. Stockdale & Leggo offices also subscribe to other leading real estate websites.

Quality Tenant Selection
Stockdale & Leggo Property Managers will only process tenancy application forms which are complete, signed and submitted. Prospective tenants will be interviewed, all their references checked and tenancy database checks can also be performed. Each potential tenant will be carefully assessed as to their ability to maintain rental payments and keep the property in a clean and tidy condition.

Stockdale & Leggo Accredited Property Managers
With a strong focus on property management across our network, Stockdale & Leggo run an accreditation program for it's many Property Managers. The accreditation criteria focuses on continual professional development of our Property Managers to ensure landlords are well advised and trusting their properties to the best in the business.

Stockdale & Leggo Property Management Committee
A team of Property Managers, Office Principals and Corporate specialist staff meet quarterly to discuss all matters of Property Management to ensure the service provided by Stockdale & Leggo offices to it's clients is always of the highest standard and continues to be at the forefront.

Stockdale & Leggo Transcard
To assist in ensuring your tenants pay on time our offices provide several means of paying rent including 24/7 phone and internet payment services.

Stockdale & Leggo Direct
This service is free to all Stockdale & Leggo tenants. This service not only assists in taking some of the stress out of moving house but it also ensures utilities are connected correctly, in the correct name and on time for move in day.

Reviewing your Portfolio
For the majority of people, the purchase of an investment property is one of the major decisions of their lives. It often takes months and sometimes years of thorough investigation, not only on the choice of type and location of property but also the financing of the investment, the taxation advantages, the legal requirements and the best way to maximise the investment. Real Estate values have fluctuated somewhat over recent years and this may mean your portfolio is in need of review. Stockdale & Leggo experienced and trained sales staff can assist you with the "What, How and When" of property investment.

Promotional Strategies

Successful leasing can be a "numbers game". The more applications we can generate, the more quickly we can nominate a suitable tenant. Our promotional strategy is aimed at achieving the best exposure of your property to the most quality tenants as possible. Our Property promotion strategy includes; internet advertising, mailing lists, rental lists, relocation companies, corporate contracts, newspaper advertising, window displays and signboards.