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Welcome to Stockdale & Leggo

If you’ve got the drive, the get-up-and-go to reach the pinnacle, we’ve got the power, the technology capabilities, and the know-how to get you there.

The size of our company is just right: large enough for strength and resource-provision; contained enough for staying in close touch with our franchisees in what we view as a personalised business partnership.

Joining forces means your hunger for success and our proven track-record can have you recording high results, outstripping competitors and sitting comfortably at the top of your game.

We provide unequalled support from beginning to end. We work for you – and we keep our promises.

Have a Clear Vision of Where You’re Going – Or End up Somewhere Else!

We’re Moving In – Fast

You might know nothing, a bit or a lot about us. Either way you’ll be seeing A LOT MORE of us.

Our planned expansion presence and refreshing image in the state have been met with positive interest by vendors and purchasers wanting something better – and a level of nervousness by major competitors. That’s because they know that Stockdale & Leggo has had a prominent and successful presence in real estate for many years.
• We have massive resources and strength
• Our brand is vibrant, edgy and re-defining
• Ongoing expansion across Australia will shift market share

New Beginnings and Beyond
In response to changing industry and consumer demands, we’ve moved in exciting new directions which can include you:

  • Expansion to bring greater business and property success to more people
  • A vibrant re-brand for a sharper, smarter image
  • A massive injection of resources to give you an even sharper edge

We’re excited – and we hope you are too.

Welcome – Stockdale & Leggo has multiplied from one office to just on 70 offices spanning various city centres, metropolitan areas and regional districts. Our history, experience and innovative vision combine to create an enviable reputation in a highly competitive and unforgiving business environment.

Where Do I Fit In?
We’re constantly on the scout for eager, ambitious operators keen to succeed alongside us. You are being offered a rare opportunity to snap up some of the most potentially lucrative territories while they remain available.

You are also being invited to become one of our early success stories where, together with our proven strategies, we will change the current real estate landscape and help set new industry benchmarks.

Our vision is firmly on the future.

Our initiatives address the needs and expectations of today’s consumer. They answer the challenges faced by today’s – and tomorrow’s – business owners.