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QR Codes


Get information and photos direct to your mobile phone on every property or agent with Stockdale & Leggo QR Code

What is a QR code?

A QR Code is a barcode that is scanned using the camera in your mobile phone and read using a QR code reader installed on your phone. Your phone may already have a QR Code reader installed, but if not you'll need to install a QR Code Reader. Once you have the software on your mobile phone, you can scan an individual QR Code from Stockdale & Leggo on each property or agent and connect instantly to the internet with property details, photos, descriptions and agent contact information


It's as easy as - just follow the steps.
1. Select the scanning software on your mobile phone.
Most recent Mobile Phones already have a QR Code reader installed. It should be located within your tools or applications on your menu. For Telstra phones, it is called ScanCode and it is located on the My Place menu on your compatible Next G mobile. For Iphones - you will need to download a QR Code reader from the applications store. We recommend NeoReader.

QR Code readers can also be downloaded from the web. There are many different readers available and most connect to all mobile phones. We recommend the Kaywa reader. http://www.reader.kaywa.com. If your phone is incompatible other readers can be located at http://www.mobile-barcodes.com/qr-code-software/

2. Scan the QR Code.
After the software is loaded, when you see a QR code on a Stockdale & leggo brochure, window card, business card or board you open the software and scan the code.

3. Connect instantly to a website.
Once you scan the code, your phone's internet browser will go direct to the Stockdale & Leggo page with the property or agent details.

4.View the website with the information.
Your phone's internet browser will then display the information including photos, contact information and description.

It's that simple. Be on the look out for QR codes on the Stockdale & Leggo website and in brochures and window cards and try one today.