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Whose sale is it? Its's yours!

Amidst a busy spring selling season, Stockdale & Leggo would like to remind vendors of their rights when selling their home. It’s important that vendors understand that while they might well engage the services of an agent, they ulti­mately make the decisions and are in control of the sale. It is, after all, their property.

Part of the agent’s role is to regularly com­municate relevant issues, thereby enabling vendors to make the most informed decisions to achieve desired results. The agent, while drawing on comprehensive market knowledge and all available resources, is the facilitator, communicator and negotiator of their client’s needs and wishes.

Some of the decisions vendors ultimately make include the sale price, sales method, the extent of the marketing campaign, and the pre­sentation of their home. A realistic sales price is best determined by careful analysis of vari­ous interrelated factors, including the type of property, its location, previous sales of similar properties, and the current market – issues

Stockdale & Leggo agents are working with on a daily basis. An agent can also help vendors decide the type and extent of their marketing campaign, and the sales method, whether auc­tion or private treaty, that will be most effec­tive in achieving their desired outcomes and time frames.

An experienced agent will also suggest ways to maximise the property’s presentation – and minimise any shortcomings – for attracting the most buyers and best sales price. The vendor then decides which improvements to make, all the while remembering that relatively small investments of time and money can result in a much greater end result! Find easy presenta­tion tips at Click here to receive free booklet.