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MAY 2010
Staying abreast of changing property market trends is paramount for making the most successful transactions. The property market moves in cycles. At different times in the cycle,the market might favour the buyer, vendor or investor. Within a short space of time, conditions change and a whole set of new variables presents itself. Understanding cycles and trends, and knowing when to make a move, can make the difference between a rewarding lifestyle change and a costly mistake. At the same time, the property market can be complex.

Educating yourself is key. This can be partly achieved by regularly reading the press and exploring a multitude of property market websites and publications. However, sometimes the sheer volume of information can be difficult to navigate and apply to your own individual situation and goals. A better approach is to be informed using the above strategies – and at the same time, discuss your situation with your agent.

While you’re under no obligation to make any commitment whatsoever, you are in a position to utilise their hands-on experience in your area to make a better-informed decision. Working at the grass-roots level every day, Stockdale & Leggo agents not only have intimate knowledge of the area, its people and its property trends over time, they also have at their fingertips access to every conceivable resource, including market analysis tools, data and strategies backed by the latest advancements in cutting-edge technology.

They can also provide an objective and balanced viewpoint, which can sometimes be difficult to maintain amidst the emotions of making potentially life-changing decisions. For a streamlined, stress-free approach to success, whether buying, selling or investing, take a look at the constantly-updated resources at www.stockdaleleggo.com.au – and call your agent for a chat. It could well be the beginning on a long and fruitful business relationship!