Is Your Rental Property Summer Ready?

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Summer was slow to arrive this year, so we’re hoping that it decides to stick around a little while longer! Keep your rental property summer ready with these helpful...

Seasons To Sell

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When it comes to the best time of year to sell your home, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ season. Certain times of the year have unique advantages and disadvantages and it’s...

5 Tips For First Home Buyers

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There comes a time when you’ll find yourself faced with buying your first home. Save yourself time, money (and a headache) with these helpful tips!

  1. Take advantage...

Anna Thomas: The Employed Entrepreneur At Stockdale & Leggo

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Published on Woman With Drive - 19 December 2016

Congratulations to our Chief Operating Officer, Anna Thomas, who was interviewed for leading blog 'Woman with Drive'...

Basic Legalities To Understand When Buying A Property

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Not everyone is fortunate enough to be a lawyer so when it comes to reading and understanding the fine print for all the contracts associated with buying a property, it’s...

5 Quick Home Decorating Tips

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Sometimes a change can be as good as a holiday when it comes to the home and some of the most simple ideas can often be the most effective. The following tips, with a little...

Would You Like To Be A GREAT Landlord?

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What a silly question! Of course you would! Well we’ve made it easy for you with the creation of ‘The Whole House’, which is an ‘all in one’ complimentary customer experience...

Property Podcast Of The Month

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If you’re an avid podcast listener, and want to utilise your commute or any down time you may have to learn even more about investing, the Smart Property Investment (SPI) Show,...

Top 5 Property Investment Books

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Becoming a property investor isn’t always a bed of roses. If you ask anyone who has done it successfully, they will all say they’ve invested a great deal of time and energy...

Tenants' Top 10 Features

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Have you ever wondered what the most sought after features in a property tenants look for when scouring the rental market? Well wonder no more as we have the top ten right here...

How To Avoid Late Rent Payments

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Kickstarting your financial future by investing in a rental property can be one of the most gratifying decisions you can make. If you’ve invested wisely and set up a sound...

Do You Need Help With Moving?

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We’ve got your ‘Whole House’ covered!

Moving from one property to another has never been smoother with Stockdale & Leggo's 'The Whole House' service, which is an ‘all...