About Me

Astrid in 3 Words: Honest, friendly and driven

Astrid’s Role:

Commencing with Stockdale & Leggo Corporate in her role of Brand and Communications Manager, Astrid Koutoulas is a vibrant and friendly member of the team who believes that being ‘over prepared’ is the key to success. In her role she is responsible for leading the marketing team, enhancing the brand image, increasing brand awareness and liaising with external stakeholders to deliver advertising, media, partnerships and effective public relations. She also works closely with franchisees to develop high impact marketing collateral, designed to gain cut through in a competitive market. The diversity of Astrid’s role keeps her engaged and she thoroughly enjoys that no two days are the same.

What She Brings:

Savvy and dynamic, Astrid is a natural born leader who loves engaging with both internal and external stakeholders. Her enthusiasm and positivity is contagious and she thrives in the busy nature of her role, relishing opportunities to present innovative marketing strategies to Franchisees, with the sole intention of moving the brand forwards and securing its leading position within the industry. Astrid thoroughly enjoys the team she works with on a daily basis and the progressive culture embedded within the organisation. One of her obvious strengths is her ability to be resourceful, which often results in the design and implementation of strategies which are contemporary and forward thinking. She is determined to continue to increase the brand awareness of Stockdale & Leggo as a group and ensure it secures its position as the Number One franchise in Victoria.

In her spare time Astrid enjoys spending quality time with family and friends over a glass of wine. She also spends time cooking, going out to dinner and taking the apple of her eye, golden retriever pup Hunter, out for leisurely jaunts.